FEBRUARY 2, 2017



Oklahoma Pastors band together to advocate for kids

Oklahoma City, OK: With a new legislative session looming and multiple bills being introduced which threaten the free education of every child, a group of pastors gathered in Oklahoma City recently to form a new grassroots organization: Pastors for Oklahoma Kids.

Pastors for Oklahoma Kids plans to work with other like minded organizations as they form a broad coalition of clergy from across the state of Oklahoma that advocate for local schools, principals, teachers, staff and schoolchildren by supporting our free, public education system, promoting social justice for all children, and advancing legislation that enriches Oklahoma children, families, and communities.

Pastors for Oklahoma Kids has identified three main core values:

WE ARE FOR OKLAHOMA KIDS: 93% of Oklahoma Kids attend Public School. We want to re-shape conversation about Public Education in Oklahoma. We do not believe our schools are failing – that’s a cop out. Therefore we will challenge all who demean, belittle and undermine public education. We believe education is a moral good and obligation of the state to every child.

WE ARE FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS: We will advocate for adequately funded schools and paying teachers and school staff the wages they deserve. Because of this we are opposed to ESAs/Vouchers or any other name that inevitably leads to the privatization of Public Schools. We further believe in the wall of separation of church and state and that no public money should be used for religious schools.

WE ARE FOR TEACHERS: We refute the notion that schools are failing. We have failed if we resort to punishing good and decent teachers and administrators by demonizing their calling. We will send a clear message – we are WITH you. You do not stand alone. We join a growing network of clergy in other states advocating for public education, including our neighbors in Pastors for Texas Children.

For more information on Pastors for Oklahoma Kids or to read their Declaration on Public Education please visit: