Oklahoma pastor: Standing in the gap for our school children

Our public schools deserve the choice not to be a battleground for politicians.

Oklahoma children in public schools deserve the choice not to be marketed and sold as investments in profiteering schemes.

Our parents deserve the choice not to have their kids subjected to high-stakes testing at the whim of politicians.

Our dedicated teachers deserve the choice to be paid like the professionals they are, who invest countless hours in shaping the very future of the state we call home. You cannot put kids first if you put teachers last.

And we, the faithful taxpayers, deserve a choice. We should have a say that the tax money that generation after generation has invested in Oklahoma's educational assets and infrastructure not be trampled and defunded. Careless initiatives that transfer funds we all collectively place into the public trust for the maintenance and health of our public schools is at stake... (Read the complete article @ NewsOK.com)